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"if you want to experience total freedom in your life,

hire isabelle.

Blueprint therapy is the miracle you've been waiting for."

- Keith Addams, 2016
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Isabelle Meiring - Globally loved and celebrated Transpersonal Therapist, Author, Founder of Blueprint Therapy - the Life Transformation Technique

"A woman with a no bullshit approach and an avid believer in the true limitlessness of human consciousness, she is an expert in redefining the subconscious blocks and changing the reality  of every client.

Isabelle is an internationally celebrated and applied Therapist, Philanthropist, Coach and Author of three books in the fields of psycho-emotional wellness and healing, Isabelle has for the past 11 years, run her own practice working intricately and deeply with people from all walks of life, each affected by a tapestry of various mental blockages, behavioral patterns, childhood traumas, limiting thought patterns and more. 

With her intensive strategy, she addresses and guides clients through their limitations into a powerful process of reprogramming the subconscious.

Her precise and compassionate technique catalyzes the causes of depression, anxiety, stagnation in main areas of life; including career, relational, personal development and creative, as well as physical ailments and dis-eases, in order to create a wildly successful, loving and fulfilling life for each client.

Through Blueprint Therapy, we have the real chance to wrap our hands and our full understanding around our behaviours, thoughts, patterns, illnesses and attachment systems which remain in our lives. We have the liberty to really excavate the roots of our limiting patterns and use the techniques to replace them with life giving, nourishing and authentic patterns for a new life. Once you've tasted your raw, still power - there's no going back to a life of anything less.

- Isabelle Meiring
Therapist, Facilitator & Founder
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