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"if you want to experience
total freedom in your life,
hire isabelle.
life Blueprint is the miracle
you've been waiting for."

- Keith Addams, 2016
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She went from a draining office job, chronically depressed and deeply in debt,

to being debt free, off medications, writing two books (one memoir) and running her very own women's rights activist NGO. 

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Alongside the deeply transformative work with Isabelle, you use powerfully formulated vibrational remedies during each stage of your journey. This amplifies and rapidly accelerates healing, transmutation and restores you to your most thriving state of being.


You've tried Meditation, Trauma Release, Self-development Courses, Trainings, Bodywork, Retreats upon Retreats, Therapist after Therapist - and you're
STILL not feeling SOVEREIGN and FREE as a human here on EARTH.

You’re here to change the world, build your life as a sovereign example, and share your message like never before. You have a FIRE within you. A fountain of deep knowing - that there is more. That YOU are designed for more than this.

You want to be healthy, make money, feel fulfilled, nourished and make an impact on your world.

I see you. I was there all my life!

It took me over 10 years to UNBECOME all the junk!
I trudged through the trenches of my own guilt, limitation, trauma and massively collective illusions… the ridiculous stories we've been sold, the emotional trauma, the deeply embedded self limiting cellular embodiment, EVERYTHING.

It separated me from the most natural connection I came in with : Nourishment, Bounty, Connection, Joy.

And I’m here to help you release and EXPAND with the quantum systems, processes, soul-to-soul, visceral transformation strategies, and deep support needed to with significance, soul, and sovereignty AS YOU WERE BORN TO BE.

So I ask you: Will you break free and launch yourself into divine freedom or stay stuck in circles of seeking and settling for 'okay'?

It’s just a choice; everything you need is available for you to have and embody it, either way.

If you’re ready to learn from a mentor with 12+ years of experience, divinely proven outcomes, quantum mojo and heart connection to launch you into the most aligned and sovereign path for you - no catch, no halfway, no bullshit, just TRUTH and glorious expansion - then you’ve come to the right place.



Went from teaching Yoga and nutrition at a small wellness centre, struggling with chronic allergies and pain due to fibromyalgia,

to becoming her own boss and opening her own Yoga School in the UK, after clearing years of debri within her body, she is pain free and healthier and wealthier than ever.


The Three Key Stages to Self Sovereignty

(Powerful Part ONE of Series 'The Nature of Reality')


(Read more of the story here)


Isabelle Meiring - Globally loved and celebrated Transpersonal Therapist, Author, Founder of Life Blueprint Therapy - the Consciousness Catalyzing Technique & Founder of The Sovereignty School.

"A woman with a no bullshit approach and an avid believer in the true limitlessness of human consciousness, she is an expert in redefining the subconscious blocks and changing the reality  of every client.

Isabelle is an internationally celebrated and applied Therapist, Consciousness Catalyst, Coach, Clairvoyant and Author of three books in the fields of psycho-emotional wellness and healing, Isabelle has for the past 12 years, run her own practice working intricately and deeply with people from all walks of life, each affected by a tapestry of various mental blockages, behavioral patterns, childhood traumas, limiting thought patterns, mass matrix conditioning and more. 

With her intensive strategy, she addresses and guides clients through their limitations into a powerful process of reprogramming the subconscious and freeing the innate essence within.

Her precise and compassionate technique catalyzes the causes of depression, anxiety, stagnation in main areas of life; including career, relational, personal development and creative, as well as physical ailments and dis-eases, in order to create a wildly successful, loving and fulfilling life for each client, in harmony with their unique, aligned nature. 




30 Day Intensive


The Remedies
& Life Blueprint

Through Life Blueprint, we have the real chance to wrap our hands and our full understanding around our behaviours, thoughts, patterns, illnesses and attachment systems which remain in our lives. We have the liberty to really excavate the roots of our limiting patterns and use the techniques to replace them with life giving, nourishing and authentic patterns for a new life. Once you've tasted your raw, still power - there's no going
back to a life of anything less.

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