Blue lotus came up as a remedy to soothe people’s nervous systems so that they could sleep, engage in meetings and public speaking with ease or quite simply to be taken whenever things became a bit intense.

  In a nutshell blue lotus is a calming friend for anytime we felt the need to pour a bit of silk on things and allow a gentler version of our experience to predominate.

Blue lotus is completely safe for children and even babies and the only known symptom of taking too much blue lotus is falling asleep which is often why people would use it.

Children throwing tantrums, children in pain, anxiety, heartbreak, loss, agitation, fear, all fall under the banner of blue lotus as it is there to turn down the volume on our emotions so that we can take control of them and not have them govern us.

 There are no emotionally charged situations that are not positively modified by blue lotus and we see this with kids, where they just calm down and things are fine again. 

  The great thing about blue lotus is that there is a calming sedating effect without any dulling of the intellect as it just seems to work on calming the nervous system without dulling it in any way which is really what we want from a sedating or calming substance.

You'll be using this remedy while alternating other remedies during your own clearing work with Isabelle, this usually happens during phase 1 of your journey. If you are joining the Born Free 3 month Program of The School of Sovereignty, this will be used as needed during the first month.