Creation has all the good things of the world in it, all the nourishing, exciting expanded, optimistic things I could get my hands on to create a feeling like one would have on the first day of creation, a feeling of being inspired outgoing, playful confident expanded and joyous and so this can quite literally go with anything it is like putting a mood colour on the day but choosing the best mood colour you can find to ensure that you have the most exciting fun and effortless day possible.  


Creation goes with anything but is probably best only taken in the day if you want to sleep unless you are going out for the night as it is designed to be the opposite end of the spectrum to tranquility as it excites and expands and in this space, one is less likely to want to go to sleep.   


Creation, golden spiral and immortality are a fantastic combination as it is telling one to youthen, align with perfection and feel fantastic and it is hard to beat this combination on any level as it is quite simply as good as it gets and why should we not have as good as it gets every day, out of some deluded idea that if we are too happy, we will then be too sad, or we will loose it.  

I question all of these assumptions as I believe happiness is our natural state and our birthright and if we can retrain ourselves back into this space then we can have it as a natural state every day. 

It is interesting that with creation after a while we stop feeling it so acutely as this has become our state but if stop for a while and then retake it, it allows us to return quickly to this our natural state.

Sometimes we have to repeat a message to the cells enough times so that it becomes habitual and our natural state

You'll be using this remedy while alternating other remedies during your own manifestation and thriving work with Isabelle, this usually happens during phase 3 of your journey. If you are joining the Born Free 3 month Program of The School of Sovereignty, this will be used every second day during the last month.