Quantum leap into the next chapter of your life with this 2-day deeply powerful Program. 


Spend a total of 10-12 hours, over 2 days, 1:1 privately with Isabelle via Zoom. This intensive transformation will allow you to move from fear, doubt, lack, imbalances and silent saboteurs into complete sovereignty, abundance and alignment. 

Uproot frozen fears, rejection, shame, attachments, physical ailments, emotional trauma, doubt, and your inner critic for good.

Revive your life force and vision as you claim your future, and map out the next 6-12 months with laser lucid clarity.

Kiss lack and limitation goodbye as you invoke the courage to ACT, and begin to step into your most aligned reality.

Transition with ease, grace, and passion into your most brilliant, authentic self, allowing deep and continual abundance into your life.


  1. Two FULL consecutive days (10-12 hours in total) privately with Isabelle via Zoom from anywhere in the world (Value: $1690)

2. Free LIFETIME Access to The 8-hour Quantum Body Mastery Course in your inbox (Value: $399)


3. 10% LIFETIME discount on all Isabelle’s programs and books in the future (Value: PRICELESS!) 



RSA: 7,770 ZAR

Experience a massive 'before' and 'after' as you skyrocket into your New Tomorrow.

This brave and rapid choice is perfect for you if you are more than ready and on the edge of something great! If you have important life choices and decisions to make now,

this is your key.

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