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Yes! You can invite Isabelle to talk at your event, organization or company!
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Do you have a company, centre, group, school or event you’d like to have Isabelle speak at?


She speaks on a wide range of factors applying to the role of the mind in everyday life and well-being and fills the room with amplified inspiration and motivation to cultivate more aligned choices and behaviors.



A must for any business owner or manager.

As a Therapist and Coach, Isabelle facilitates talks on how to maximize the motivation in staff members and allow the drive within each person to become fuel for the team, as well as the vision ahead for the company or organization. She speaks on topics related to productivity through finding individual limitations and mental blocks, allowing the group to share openly what would allow their motivation to soar and what is standing in the way. Isabelle facilitates practical techniques she guides the group through, pinpointing and paving the way through to optimal drive and skilled teamwork.



It is the most important thing you can do within any centre, clinic or school, when it comes to allowing groups to understand the workings behind trauma responses, addictions, victim mentality, limiting behaviours, self-confidence and self-worth. Isabelle eloquently and inspiringly explains the link between all of these and guides the group through many techniques in order to realize their own subconscious limitations. This allows the individuals a new and fresh perspective of all they are truly capable of in the world. Whether it is overcoming the identity of a diagnosis, an addiction, or overcoming a lack of self-esteem, or even understanding why certain responses and patterns are still active – Isabelle’s talks and her contagious presence within her techniques fills the group with a willingness to become the highest potential version of themselves.



A must for anyone hosting transformative retreats or workshops.

Add an amazingly transformative feature to your event by allowing Isabelle to speak and guide your groups through the catalyzing processes of understanding their own potential, as well as where their perceived limitations come from. Her talks amplify the energy of any event, allowing your attendees the full experience of understanding and tasting their own true potential.

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