Immortality is made from the immortal jellyfish, Turritopsis Dohrnii and is the captured message that the jellyfish is sending to itself to return it to a state of youth.

Now what I came to realize very quickly about immortality is that it will push out a lot of the patterning and memory into our experience either in dreams or in daily life.  It works from a completely different angle to do the jobs of both liberation and redemption, but it does not necessarily have the reflective finesse of either of them as it is just a strong directive to go back to an earlier version of yourself by pushing the old stuff off the plate. 

The main effect of Immortality is to regenerate and rejuvenate us.  It does this by re building cells and reconstituting cellular structures from the hair to the liver and we notice a remarkable boost in energy and life force when taking as it uses new stem cells to rebuild us a new body from the rubble of the old. 

 As it breaks down structures in order to rebuild them it often pushes broken things out the way so we might experience some aches and pains, and increased hunger and thirst as it calls for the materials to rebuild things.

What it also does is it reverses our perception of time and many people had dreams of driving or walking backwards as we literally retrace our steps back to youth.

 Of course, we do not actually become infants again and our minds do not lose any of their potency in fact they often gain in potency and clarity as blood supply increases.  This increase in blood supply and life force or kidney chi increases libido, hair and nail growth as well as skin condition and generally improves organ function across the board.

 The process can be quite strange as we are not used to de ageing ourselves in fact the concept of youthening is not even in the dictionary until we add it.   The mind has to get used to the story of youthening which can take some acclimatization and we often have to build ourselves a new conceptual structure a structure where we allow ourselves to get younger in order to let the process work more fully on us.

 This might seem quite easy but the reality of it is anything but, as everywhere everyone is feeding us this narrative of old age and death and they often get quite startled and slightly angry when we refuse to buy into it since we are going in the other direction. 

There is so much that can be said about the regenerative capacity of immortality from  skin cancers disappearing to people coming off insulin, heart medication, thyroid medications and even improvements in age related processes like Alzheimer’s.   We see a massive improvement in eye floaters as this is literally a condition where the vitreous humour of the eye becomes stickier with age and we have seen numerous cases where this improves either directly with immortal eyes or even just from taking immortality.

The real causes of a lot of diseases are ageing and the bodies increased fragility and its inability to fend off conditions like cancers, heart disease  and arthritis which it was able to deal with before. 

But what if we are able to turn back the clock and return to a younger, healthier and more vital version of ourselves but one which has still learned the lessons of age which include getting exercise eating well, getting enough down time and doing things one loves.

Then we truly enter the realm of second chances and then third and fourth as well as we potentially extend the lifespan into the centuries.


As glorious and ideal as this sounds it is not without its own issues as we need to change the way we look at time and the way we think about life itself as a lot of our human view is bound up in the view that we will live eighty odd years and then die of some disease and everything from retirement to life insurance is based on this.

 What I am proposing here is an entirely new model of time a model which truly works for us and where we stand sovereign in the field of time as kings and queens and not slaves condemned to live out our lives and  then die.

In this sense we are like a creature that suddenly came to the surface of the pond and realizes that there was an earth and a sky  that have always been above them.

You'll be using Immortality during the recalibration and realignment phase on your journey with Isabelle. This is dependent on where you are and your unique journey. This is alternated with other remedies during Phase 2 most commonly. This will be discussed when you begin your journey. 

Dr adam talks about the making of immortality: