Immortality Garuda contains five levels of amplification of immortality as well as the golden spiral and the garuda mantra.

The Garuda mantra is about rising above difficult situations and disciplining the lower forces in ourselves so that they do not bind us.   The feeling of Garuda also known as the lightning bird is like flying.  

The sensation of Garuda is of being the eagle that soars above and sees what needs to be done and then swoops down and executes the action. 

This is the feeling of immortality Garuda, it really feels like calling in the air force to get the job done and  is very stimulating and exciting..

The effect of the golden spiral is also very potent to observe as it brings everything back into balance. 


Think of us a trees and at some point we needed to get more light so we bent in some weird direction and now we are bent.  The golden spiral bends us back into a straight position as it is all about perfect alignment but then it showers us in light, so we never feel the need to do weird things in order to survive as we feel complete in ourselves.


We feel this on a very core level a level where all is right with the world and we experience a deep sense of calm and spaciousness a feeling that is simultaneously strange and completely familiar as our natural state as this the state we and everything in the world Is born with. 


When we combine the 5 levels of immortality, the Garuda mantra and the golden spiral we get a very potent version of immortality a version which forces out whatever patterning there is and simultaneously makes us feel fantastic once we have dealt with the patterning. 

All the versions of immortality are running the same process but the Garuda helps us come back to a more perfect alignment with ourselves but we will get this same effect if we take the golden spiral with immortality or immortality vajra. 

I really feel that the immortality Garuda is too strong for people who have not had immortality and immortality vajra as it is a process which people need to get used too as it is a very physical thing on many levels.  


You would not put someone who had just learnt to ride a bike in an airplane and expect them to fly, they would first need to get used to driving then gliding and only then would we give them a shot at flying this is just from a safety and acclimatization point of view. 


Of course, there will be those who dive straight in to the Garuda but has been designed this way for a reason and you might be all right but we do not expect grade 1s to deal with grade 7 work because they need to build into it and we are all new to this immortality stuff as never before has this been a possibility in human history except for the jellyfish who has been doing since forever.

You'll be using Immortality Garuda during the recalibration and realignment phase on your journey with Isabelle, as well as your thriving and creation phase. This is dependent on where you are and your unique journey. This is alternated with other remedies during Phase 2 & 3 most commonly. This will be discussed when you begin your journey.