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The vajra is an ancient Buddhist symbol which symbolizes the indestructibility of the mind.

Immortality vajra contains 3 layers of immortality compared to the one of normal immortality so is considerably deeper acting than immortality.  This is useful for when we have cleared a fair amount with the normal immortality and are then ready for it.

  Immortality Vajra also contains the Dhanvantari mantra which is the mantra associated with the god of healing in Hindu mythology and this helps disease to dissipate.

  Immortality Vajra also contains the Ganesh mantra which helps in removing obstacles in our path so that we have a more seamless and spacious journey back to youth.

   Because there are more layers of the immortal jellyfish and we have included these mantras it is as if the body sees the message again for the first time as it is quite different and so we continue to respond to the message of immortality to facilitate the youthening process to get us back to our ideal biological age.

You'll be using Immortality Vajra during the recalibration and realignment phase on your journey with Isabelle, as well as your thriving and creation phase. This is dependent on where you are and your unique journey. This is alternated with other remedies during Phase 2 & 3 most commonly. This will be discussed when you begin your journey.