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Hello, beloved!

You’ve tried meditation, trauma release, self-development, training, bodywork, retreats, therapist after therapist… but you still lack a sense of fulfillment and nourishment, and are stuck in the same old financial, relational, career, and health loops. 

But you have a fountain of deep knowing within you, telling you that there is more

That you are designed for more than this.

That you must find another way. 


I was there all my life!


It took me 10+ years to trudge through my own trenches of limitation, guilt, trauma, and collective illusions that resulted in my self-limiting cellular embodiment, and a complete disconnect from nourishment, abundance, and joy. 

Years ago, I sat with a failed marriage, toxic relationships, a child, and possessed the lowest level of self-worth imaginable. I was overweight, and struggled to wake up in the morning and serve my clients in my full-time practice. I couldn’t bring myself to do anything that nourished my body, mind and spirit. 


I'd tried it all: 

psychotherapy, trauma release, yoga, plant ceremonies, juicing & detox, coaching, 'miracle' programs, training, and rituals… but nothing worked.  

I remember sitting in bed one morning, crying my eyes out, when the beautiful, SOUL-SHAKING,

REVOLUTIONARY Life Blueprint Transformation Process called to me and immediately dawned on me. 


Life Blueprint was born from my desire to move through my own Life Blueprint - my web of

unconscious blocks -

but it’s SO much bigger than me.

It’s about bringing each and every client I come across into their most abundant, authentic state so that they, too, can provide value and service in the world. 

I now live on a beautiful farm in South Africa, run a thriving international practice, and have a loving partner and two fiery, stubborn, but kind children. 

But, I know where you’ve been... and using my 12+ years of experience, divinely proven quantum energy systems, visceral transformational strategies, deep support, psychosomatic, psychospiritual, and psychotherapeutic practices of the Life Blueprint Transformation Process, I’ll guide you in understanding, releasing and reprogramming the deep-seated limitations, blocks, patterns, illnesses, thoughts and wounds that are keeping you rooted in imbalance, tension, and dissatisfaction with life. 

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And I’m not just any healer, coach, or therapist;

not only do I have over 12 years of divine experience in subconscious energetic rewiring,

masterful teaching, soulful liberation, and rapid release and expansion strategies… but I’m here to provide

you (yes, YOU!) with the deep support, love, teachings, heart-to-heart connection, empowerment,

and guidance that you need to break through

the mould into sacred freedom. 

I want to launch your brilliant self into your most glorious,

sovereign lifeIt’s just a choice: everything you need is available for you to have and embody it, either way. 

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 understand and easefully clear out the decades-old roots of their responses, behaviours, patterns and conditioning that’s trapping them in confusion, lack, overwhelm and disconnect from divine joy. 

gain profound acceptance of their deepest truths and feel

at home in their own divine skin. 

completely ground themselves in and embrace the most free, abundant, nourishing, and purposeful life that they were designed to lead. 

redefine, harmonize and level up their relationships with others,

money, their careers, and health…

in true alignment with their most authentic self