Liberation was born out of a need for a karmic medicine.  While most medicines deal with the results of disease liberation deals with the causes of a lot of disease which it turns out is the unresolved personal relations of the past.   When we take liberation, we begin the process of clearing and resolving pretty much every unresolved issue from the past from old romantic partners, friends and family and even acquaintances.

  Liberation works in daily life and dreams to bring us to a state of resolution with the past by presenting our mind with a solution so that we may move forward by integrating it through some sort of symbolic roleplay resulting in integration and thus peace of mind. 

 Many people who took liberation had dreams where they were allowed to say what they wanted to say in the situation or were allowed to play out an unfinished scenario so they could bring the unfinished  memory to completion and move on with their life.

 Liberation has many components in it but the idea of it is that it brings things to the surface and then lets then pass off from reality once they have been resolved to our satisfaction.

  This is particularly useful when people from our past are gone and we can no longer get closure with them.  This unfinished memory creates a frozen state where it is like having a   broken arrow which entered our back and which cannot be pulled out.

 Liberation comes in and allows us to re attach the broken piece of the arrow which enables us to pull it from our flesh. 

There were many stories of liberation where it allowed people to move forward in their world and not get stuck in the mess of their past so that a new chapter could begin to write itself.

 The value of liberation is that it works systematically from the most pressing issues in the psyche to the least.   I watched as it worked on all my old relationships, then my broken friendships, then my family, then lastly my acquaintances.    It literally went through all of them in that order and it felt like I had closure with all of them which was like dropping a 60kg rock off my back.

  Once we clear all this stuff it frees up an amazing amount of space which we can then use to plant a new garden.   Liberation quite literally pulls out the weeds of memory and makes compost from them, a compost we can use to plant our own garden of earthly delights.

This is used in the phase of UNBECOMING in your work with Isabelle. You begin with Liberation on Day 1. 

What people experience with liberation: