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The Life Blueprint Transformation Process was formulated in 2011 by Isabelle Meiring. It acts as a supportive strategy for the powerful 1:1 programs facilitated by Isabelle, and combines psychosomatic, psychotherapeutic, visceral, psychospiritual, rapid release, expansion and quantum mastery techniques.

Life is made up of 95% subconscious, and 5% conscious, with your personal grid or body blueprint of limiting beliefs and foundational projections residing in the subconscious; they are subsequently unbeknownst to you, yet they are responsible for a vast majority of your reality, your actions, your thinking and what you experience or do not experience in day to day life.  


The Life Blueprint Transformation Process is based on the natural quantum law of each human being having a Old Life Blueprint: a grid, a unique map or web of subconscious limitations, thresholds, blocks, beliefs, and patterns that act as the roots of one’s present reality - your behavior, thoughts, and experiences.

We are born free of limitation, conditioning, and programming, but through our experiences as individuals - often as children - and as members of collective society, these roots become part of the body's way of navigating reality and perpetuating that reality, and nothing more.




Subsequently, the roots of this old quantum grid in your bodily library,  may manifest in the present day forms of uncertainty, illness, financial lack, unworthiness, inconsistent joy, anxiety, toxic dynamics, fear-based actions, unrealized potential, inactivated purpose, emotional or mental imbalance, dis-ease, a feeling of lack or dissatisfaction with life and many other misalignments. 

These limitations  exist on an energetic, visceral, or somatic level; over time, one’s body would have been exposed to particular kinds and levels of love, worth, joy, and abundance, resulting in the body creating a ‘threshold’ for these feelings.  From an evolutionary stance, our bodies are designed to choose safety - which is associated with comfort - in most situations in order to increase the likelihood of survival. Thus, the body’s threshold - what the body is traditionally used to experiencing - becomes a marker for safety and comfort. As a result, our bodies will continuously strive for this threshold to be maintained; for obvious reasons, this can be problematic when individuals have a threshold that allows for little to no love, joy, abundance or worthiness to be embodied on a day to day, consistent basis!

Thus, the divinely crafted Life Blueprint Transformation Process delves deep within one’s subconscious, and the energetic, visceral and somatic body to define, understand, and fully remove the old roots or subconscious blocks. This removal is based on the premise that one already possesses all that is necessary for thriving in life, but the subconscious undoing of programming and conditioning is necessary to make space for your true essence and self to come forward, flourish and embodying your life of nourishment, service, divine financial bounty and connection to ALL THAT IS.



The complete restructuring of the subconscious and energetic body involves introducing and integrating new core truths to the body which oppose the limitations that made up one’s ‘Old Blueprint’. As your being becomes more accepting of and familiar with these new core truths, you are subsequently are brought back to the most authentic, vibrationally aligned version of yourself, and can allow yourself to deeply receive your birthrights of nourishment, abundance, love, and joy with zero opposition from your subconscious or energetic being. 


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