A Decade In The Life of a Therapist

A decade ago was the turning point and my initiation into walking with the feet of a therapist on this earth. I was severely exhausted and weary from various addictions, sexual traumas and bad break ups. The years of denial had come to a halt when I began to pursue writing a book and opening my practice in healing and counselling.

It’s been a roller coaster that I couldn’t have been more grateful for. Each year of lifting a new veil off my skin, whilst walking with clients and assisting them to peel off their own years of what limited them in their lives, their Blueprints.

After going through old files, diaries and Google Drive documents (thank you, technology!) –
I’ve found that, 10 YEARS DOWN THE LINE:
  • 1072 brave men and woman have asked for my guidance, and took steps to better themselves

  • 308 men and woman have opened their own business or practices

  • 256 men and woman have drastically changed their relationships

  • 298 men and woman have transformed the way they see themselves, catalyzing their confidence and lives

  • 135 men and woman have continued on their Blueprint Therapy Process with total dedication to creating their new lives

  • 119 men and woman have moved into a home space which they created to better support and nourish themselves

  • 103 men and woman have walked away from severe addictions

  • 81 men and woman have committed to sobriety

  • 52 men and woman have undergone intensive retreats with me

  • 19 men and woman have quit their old jobs and created their own income

  • 4 woman fell pregnant after years of trying

  • 3 woman have opened their own healing practices

When it seems as though each day, you are not doing enough, take a bird’s eye view and connect to the greater picture. There are countless ways in which we touch the lives of those we come into contact with – and those ripples are forever quivering further and further into the lives of so many more.

All of my gratitude for each and every client I’ve worked with over the years. This journey has been humbling, fruitful and unbelievably difficult some days – but the work is what brings me back to myself in my deepest essence.

The essence to SERVE.

All my love,


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