Addiction: The Art of Suppression

Something we’ve deemed ‘The illness of our times’ – is really only a symptom. It is no less a symptom than sneezing, fatigue, bloatedness, anxiety or depression, yet it is the only symptom that has had a taboo around it, which it is only beginning to step out of after centuries.

EVERYONE IS AN ADDICT – you can quote me on that. It is mastering the art of one of two things: SUPPRESSION DIVERSION Usually, it is both.
  • It is a diversion tactic, to distract from the moment we are in; the thought, the feeling or the place. Usually, it is the feeling we are diverting ourselves from feeling.

  • It is also a suppression tactic – the suppression of allowing yourself to accept and embody your raw, authentic self. Most of us weren’t allowed to, and consequently, still don’t know how to express ourselves.

Most people believe Sobriety is the opposite of Addiction. FALSE. CONNECTION Is the opposite of Addiction.

We are wired for connection, and inherently long for community, recognition, acceptance, sharing and the like. True connection is safety, familiarity, unconditionally. Unfortunately, we live in a body and mind where our ideas and entire templates about the world around us is solidified by the time we are 8 years old – and a lot of it is entirely dependent on those around us.

Where there was a Blueprint for lack of connection, the body will divert to distraction; Distraction from the discomfort of feeling disconnected and unrecognized. DISTRACTION becomes your default Blueprint. (Screen time, Cellphone, Nicotene, Food, Stimulants, Sedatives, Sex, Codepedacy, etc) Anything which the body and mind and distract itself with, it will do – since it was wired in from such a young age. This is unique to everyone, yet very common.

Where there was a Blueprint for lack of expression, the body will constantly remind itself to suppress it’s feelings and innate reactions; SUPPRESSION becomes your Blueprint. This means more sedatives and dissociating, like painkillers, nicotine, screentime, herion etc.

The body and mind will ALWAYS find what is familiar to YOUR BLUEPRINT. FAMILIAR does not mean ‘good’. Your brain and body is not designed for happiness, or success or fulfillment, IT IS DESIGNED TO KEEP YOU ALIVE, IT’S ONLY JOB IS SURVIVAL.

It will only allow you to feel comfortable with what is familiar to it. Often, familiar means negative – The needle is familiar to the junkie (as is suppression), But it is not life giving. All the body and mind see is safety is FAMILIARITY. Feeling small and unheard is familiar to some, But it is not life giving. Yet – the body and mind will only seek out situations and things that make you feel that familiar small and unheard state of feeling. I could go on forever.

I always say, the ones with the ‘heavy’ addictions like narcotics, drug use and alcohol, are the lucky ones. They went to the extremes and had to find a palpable expression of their longing in form. They get to be seen for it, and they get help for it. They get found out – it is obvious and easily seen. They get the chance to reevaluate and completely turn their lives around, excavating who they are, what they think they are and who they know they’re not. Not many people get half the chance to totally shift their lives.

POINT: All your routine responses, addictions, behaviors and thoughts are a DIRECT RESULT of your Blueprint. If you want to change your life, it begins with staring your Blueprint in the face – and deciding if that is who you want to be. Given the chance – would you choose to be free of limitation?

Start changing your Blueprint today.



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