Don't be a Healer - be a TruthWorker

DON’T BE A HEALER. #triggerwarning

There’s something that’s been on the edge of my thoughts – just pushing through day by day. It’s a kind of a force that wants to fling itself off the cliff of my consciousness and shout out at the top of its lungs, “STOP WITH THE HEALER BULLSHIT!”

Trigger much? Read on. It hurt me too. It hurts us all - by proxy.

We have this idea of a healer, as someone who sits quietly at the door of the gateway of consciousness that can magically take away all your aversions, impulsions, illnesses and malfunctions. Yes - there are many healers and individuals with very precise missions and responsibilities to Earth - but I am talking about the day-to-day capacity for healing.

We paint healers to be the chosen saints, visionaries, prophets and angels of our time. It hurts healers just as much as it hurts you. I’ve been called a ‘healer’ all my life, and yet, I am tired of the majority of people who decide they don’t want the weight of healing, because there are ‘healers’ that do it for you. That ain’t the point, guy.

It’s the mass consciousness which has chosen to give and shift the responsibility of healing onto a select and exclusive group of people, which have been deemed worthy of holding the torch of healing.

Well - aren’t you lucky! Now you don’t have to be weighted down with the responsibility of healing yourself, your family, your community – because you know, there’s someone for that. A job.

“My friend knows a guy who knows this woman who’s sister is a healer”.. ya know? Don’t worry – you’ll be well and enlightened in no time.

I call bullshit.

Yes – healers are a kind of breed which see and feel things in a sense of wholeness, connectedness, and are therefore able to guide in a way that you just don’t seem to tap into, seeing as you are on auto-pilot for 95% of your day. Healing requires you to be in a different state.

"It requires a state most people are not comfortable or even familiar with feeling. It requires honesty. It requires deep sincerity. It requires you to stop shaming, blaming, talking, hurting. It requires you to step out of your me-me-me story. It requires you to stand shoulder to shoulder with those you point the finger at. It requires you to question yourself. It requires you to stop playing small.
Because small has been so damn comfortable, hasn’t it? "

Playing small means you get to pass on things to others, you get to stay safe while you are playing small. You get to leave the big work to others.


The state that healing requires, asks of you to remove your mask and be in the essence of yourself, without the structured sense of self you’ve held for so long. THAT’S WHAT IT ASKS FROM YOU. THAT IS ALL IT ASKS.

But yet, it is such an uncomfortably vulnerable place, that most people can only bare to be in it for an hour at most – then return to their ‘normal’ lives. “Wow, what an amazing healing session, Karen! I’ll see you next month!”

Don’t you feel safe enough to visit this place within yourself more often? To live from that place of truth more often? It is truly enough to visit TRUTH only once or twice a month? Do you trust yourself that little? Do you love your masked life so much? I call Bullshit.

YOU are a healer and it is your responsibility to uncover that within yourself. Yes, ask for guidance – but then you better commit to embodying that Self when you get home. Step out of your roles – and come to the great circle of humanity where we are all capable of being ‘Healers.’

I want to see you in your truth. And I want to see you comfortable in it. I think we should chuck the term ‘Healer’ for now, and commit to being TRUTHWORKERS.

We are all capable of being TRUTHWORKERS. Enough with this Healer exclusion.

It’s time to embrace your full capacity for your imprint on the mass consciousness; Within yourself Within your home, your family, Your school, Your workplace Your community.


LOVE, Isabelle Meiring @the.blueprint.therapist

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