I Am a Deep Feeling Woman : Poem

by Isabelle Meiring

I am a deep Feeling Woman,

What can I excuse?

My monthly reflection and release;

My aversion to the daily news?

I am a deep feeling woman;

What shall I apologize for today?

The scent on my skin – like flowers and learned wisdom?

My nightly tears that sing?

I am a deep feeling woman,

Could I say sorry just once more?

For my unquenched affection?

For my inclination to adore?

I am a deep feeling woman;

Should I hang my head in shame?

For my river of Love for you,

For my raw and strong heart – untamed?

I am a deep feeling woman,

Am I meant to be too much?

For my truth and strength spoken,

For my gentle, reassuring touch?

I am a deep feeling woman;

Could I claim another deaf word?

Or another one thousand –

As by only the Earth I seem to be heard.

- Isabelle

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