Physical Weight = Emotional Weight

I have seen with my own two eyes, the almost impossible differences in my clients - physically. I need you to understand something, simply for the fundamental well-being of your own reality from here on forward. At the very least – let this serve as a reminder. This is not a pitch, or some crazy claim. I honestly just want you to know this, because if you have ever struggled with weight, illness and physiological discord;

Be it Over weight Under weight Joint problems Muscular issues Immune Issues Fluctuating weight - Whatever it may be, I urge you to understand a bit more about your energetic state and your cellular memory. This is all part of your Blueprint.

When I see my clients have breakthroughs, as we sift through the old patterns and subconscious foundations they run on, they change physically.

They lose weight, become stronger, and all because they have a vessel they are aligned with. It all depends on what they’ve been holding in their bodies. It depends on the program they’ve been running on.

It is also 99% of the time, a template, a Blueprint which they did not, in anyway, consciously choose – it is a reality which they were ‘given’, perceived to be true, and it stuck.

Have you tried looking up towards the sky and smiling as wide as you can – and in that exact pose, trying to be depressed? Try it, without changing your pose. NO – your physiology dictates so much within your mind and emotional state, and vice versa.

  • When the body feels like it can’t trust the external world, it puts on a ‘layer’ of protection – in the form of lymph or fat.

  • If the mind and emotions have been suppressed and you refuse to address them, ‘digest’ them – there will be a build-up of toxins and lymph. You will also have a slower circulatory system, or a slower digestion, bowel issues and the like.

  • With suppressed anger or grief, usually the blood pressure is high and digestion is slow, as a result of the subconscious will to keep the excess energy suppressed, as well as refusal to acknowledge and release.

Have you ever smelled something familiar and your body reacted in the same way as it did the first time you smelled it? Or heard a song and your body took you back to that place when your body existed in that past moment, and every feeling comes rushing back? That is an example of cellular memory and programming – as well as the reactive mechanism which your subconscious is familiar with.

These are all the small ways which your body lives vicariously through your mostly unawares conscious (5%) mind – and these are the tip of the ice berg.

It is what you run on – without your knowledge. It is what your body believes – without your conscious want for it.

Freedom comes in finding what is stored in your cellular memory, feeling it all and then deciding how we want to reprogram your mind and body. It’s all here and it’s all possible. All my love, Isabelle.

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