"Sometimes, I Forget" - POEM

"There are things that I forget Sometimes, Not always - but mostly,

I forget the rules of the sky and the trees, The pungent fragrance of Jasmine in spring, When I am too busy with busy-ing, And my ears don’t hear the birds beyond the noisy, intrusive highway’s ring,

There are things that I forget sometimes, My smile lines growing into webs And my frown lines growing into maps Of my forgetfulness Of my busy-ing Of my life in subtitles Which I can’t translate into a language my soul remembers

There are things that I forget sometimes, The waters rippling down the river bed, The crown on the fish eagle’s head, When I’m too busy busy-ing for the butter and the bread

There are things that I forget, Sometimes – mostly, not always, The giggle in between my child’s words, The eternity of consciousness within my body, The forever in my voice, The endless taste of love, and loving well…

When dinner is not yet made, And the house has too much shade, And the bills have too many numbers, And numbers never did teach me about smiling,

And all the while,

My back remains strong, Even when I forget the trees that support my life, All the while, The clouds remain luminous, Even when I forget my freedom as they embody, All the while, The birds visit and serenade my garden, Even when my ears remain fixed on the humming of time,

Even when I forget my eternal limitlessness, It never forgets me."

- Isabelle; August 2020

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