The Golden Key (Excerpt)

"The Core Fear will come as a result of your body’s unwavering duty to keep you safe and keep you alive. That is the only duty your body has. It is very primal – very simple in nature, in terms of how it experiences waking life.

It is black and white, good and bad, comfortable or uncomfortable, pleasant and unpleasant.

Due to its primal function of keeping you safe and alive – there are only two ultimate boxes; Life or Death.

This is the first golden key to beginning to understand your way into having a compassionate relationship with the body, which is as a whole, your subconscious library.

When you truly grasp that all your body was trying to do was keep you safe and serve you, you begin to see how much of its old patterns, behaviors, preventions and silent narratives was an act of love, through survival – through allowing you to live as best it could, with the options it saw readily available.

Those ‘options’ are only as variable as what it has experienced.
Read that again.

This is why it is safe to say, that the limited options given to us during childhood are exactly that; completely and utterly, pitifully limited.

There are a myriad of countless directions, reactions, realities to choose to embody, yet we are not taught this.

We are not taught that our capacity is boundless and that there is a rich world brimming with life outside of what we experience – outside of our home, our family, our school, the TV.

We are not taught that whatever we imagine, is not imagination at all – it is not some fluffy, dreamy, air-head state – no. It is the act of creating and experiencing whatever we wish, as long as we can embody it.

We are not taught that possibility is literally endless.

We are, however, told fragments of these truths – but they are mere fragments because we are told we can only achieve whatever we dream, if we work our fingers to the bone, praise determination and busy ourselves with chasing, chasing, chasing whatever dragon it is we wish to have.

This is a lie.

Our society has been founded and simultaneously dumb-founded by living as a vessel of duty, strife, busyness and adrenaline.

This is another example of the limited scope of ‘options’ – the only option we are given to embody what we wish, is one road and one road only – toxic challenge and struggle through hard work.

I call bullshit.

I appear to get side tracked, too.

We’ll come back to the lie of limited options later. For now, I’ll ask you to walk with me through uncovering the simplicity of the Core Fear, which in time will also bring yours to sit on the couch of your consciousness and face you.

We will give this Core Fear a name and a face, depending on your story.

This allows us to open the dialogue between your conscious and subconscious body.

First, the golden keys to understanding the Core Fear…"

- Excerpt from 'Truth Junkie'

by Isabelle Meiring, founder of Blueprint Therapy

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