The Unconventional Therapist: Owning Your Path

I’ve always had a message inside of me.

No, I don’t mean this in the ‘Self-proclaimed Prophet’ way. I mean it more in the sense of the messy, chaotic, frustrating kind of prophet way – the unlikely prophet, the unintentional prophet, the ugly duckling prophet, the I-can’t-fucking-do-life-why-am-I-even-here kind of prophet.

Yes, that sounds far more apt.

If there were a manual, a kind of ‘Everything a young woman should NOT do if she wishes to live a fulfilling, healthy and successful life: 101’, rest assured, I have crossed off every ‘NOT TO’.

Where there is a fire, or a cliff, a pit of despair, or a ‘Do Not Enter’ sign – you can find my footprints there. That’s how the first twenty-five plus years of my life went.

It always begged my question;

“Am I doing this intentionally… consciously?

Why on Earth would I being this to myself?”

After years of co-dependency, chronic suppression with drugs and alcohol, martyrdom, relationship after relationship, cliff after cliff and fire after fire – my self-inquiry led me into my love affair with the subconscious.

Actually – I realize that starting my therapeutic career at such a young age, 11 years ago, my empathy and yearning was leading me along my path all along. The hardship and conditioned behaviors since infancy, had manifested in the harshest ways imaginable, yet it was a deal with a single condition, a gift so big and a love so mad, that I had to take it – a split path if you will;

If I got out of the prison I made for myself, I would walk with more knowledge and understanding than I could imagine. With this knowledge and innate empathy, I would work along this path assisting thousands of people with the process I developed, Blueprint Therapy. That was one path of the split. The other path was carrying on along within a life of suppression, hardship, martyrdom, fear and never question it, dooming myself to only that.

Well – as you can see and is safe to say – I chose the former over the latter.

My message was always within me, but my stubborn fire and directionless conditioning had to lead me through hells and heavens in order for me to be sitting here today... Birthing Life Blueprint Transformation - Worldwide from the fertile soils of a nourishing fire.



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