Trusting Yourself: Why it is The Simplest and Greatest Challenge

TRUSTING YOURSELF should be your first nature. It is literally the fundamental thing which rules everything we do, how we approach choices and what we accept into our lives. Yet, in 9 out of 10 people that I work with, I find self trust is completely dormant. Missing. Devoid.

When I eventually ask, "Do you trust yourself?" There is usually a pause and then
"No... I don't think so.."

We don't ask ourselves this question enough. DO YOU TRUST YOURSELF? To do yourself justice? To look after yourself? To give your life what you need? To take accountability of being your authentic self? To accept nothing less? To make the 'right' decisions for you? To hold yourself in love and kindness? To propel yourself with your passion? To say no? To say yes?

The reason self trust has fallen so far away is because it's become UNFAMILIAR.

What IS all too familiar, Is having a finger to point us in one direction or another - DO THIS. DO THAT. Expectancy. Dictation. Control. Manipulative Care. (No one's fault - parents also have their own limited Blueprints)

We weren't trusted to our instinct or intuition.

Being told what to do or choose, Was SAFE Was FAMILIAR IT meant acceptance and love. Of course we weren't going to risk anything else. It's primal. But it was not life giving or nourishing.

Safe and familiar becomes part of your Blueprint. Not trusting yourself became part of your Blueprint. Of course it's going to feel foreign being able to fully trust ourselves. The great news is - truth never changes if it is real truth. The truth is: You decide from here how you want your Blueprint to change. BEGIN WITH TRUSTING YOURSELF. ARE YOU READY?

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