Your Own Heaven or Hell

“My heart would never allow itself to become closed from disdain and distrust in the world and its people. It is only through the immense pressure of conditioned, self-imposed suffering, that my heart was simply broken further open.” - Isabelle

My work in the field of Transpersonal Therapy has been based on one fundamental reason, and one reason only – that through your own subconscious beliefs, you make your own hell or your own heaven. I’ve made my home in both, at various times in my life. The ever expansive reason is this: due to your perception of reality at early points in life, due to the way in which you interpreted certain situations and moments, you formed your own blueprint for what life is. This is not something you are conscious of.

It is your backseat driver – your very silent navigation system.

It is only through the excavation and finding this old solidified template of your own, that life can become different to all you have known. It is also only in delving through it that you come out on the other side to share with others how to do the same. It is a law of human nature – those who have passed through certain initiations and veils of life, guide others in the tribe, and so it goes on eternally.

This is how we function.

This is how we build.

This is how we remove the limitations placed on each of us individually and by proxy, collectively.

Each one teach one – this is our salvation. Love, Isabelle.

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