The main ingredient in Redemption is Noya Rao the mother of all plants and this is the ingredient which allows redemption to come in and bring our patterns to light.

   Redemption was developed to deal with the patterning that arose as a response to our memories or traumatic events.

 Now although liberation does an amazing job of clearing old unfinished memory it does not necessarily deal with the patterning which often arises from unresolved or traumatic memories, and this is where redemption comes to the fore.

 In my experience it does not necessarily break the patterns that have arisen in us to protect us from trauma, but it brings them to light to such an extent that we are forced to deal with them.  This may seem like tough love, but it is actually a massive blessing as the sooner we are forced to deal with something the less chance it has of becoming a major long-term issue or disease which is then often tricky to deal with.

  The analogy of getting a puncture in our tire to bring to our attention that that we need a new tire so that we do not have a blowout on the highway later is a good analogy.

This kind of radical freedom or radical action in order to facilitate a new space for oneself is obviously huge and this is where redemption can be very challenging to people who do not necessarily want to change.   But like the slug we need to become the butterfly as part of our life cycle and in doing so we complete our evolution by allowing for a completely new and virgin space to create whatever it is we want to in this world.

In this sense redemption is really a massive godsend to us all but is not necessarily for those who are not yet ready to face their own rebirth.  On the other hand, if we do not embrace this change and transformation, we are heading towards chronic disease so really there is no option when we look at the choices.

Redemption is ironically the remedy with the least popularity but with the most fanatical following and shows its paradoxical nature as people are often uncomfortable with the truth being pointed out to them but those who are love it become its most ardent fans. 

 I believe that once people see what redemption is doing, they will realize that like a good parent it is always conspiring for your benefit even when it feels a bit uncomfortable.

Redemption combines well with blue lotus and tranquility and sometimes with creation as it is often useful to maintain a happy mood when having to face the music.  When taken in conjunction with liberation it can be very potent and often, they act like a tag team as sometimes it is the memories which are blocking progress and sometimes it is the patterns that needs to be dealt with so that we can move forward.

Liberation, Blue Lotus and Redemption are known as the alchemical trinity as they represent a trio of remedies whose focus is personal transformation through internal reflection on the causes of ones suffering and this is the basis of alchemy in its truest sense.

You'll be using Redemption in conjunction with Liberation during your work with Isabelle. This will be during the clearing process and clears the recalibration pathway for us to begin building on the new paradigm you are entering in life. 

What people experience with redemption: