"The world welcomes you into its arms, as a standing channel for the transformation of countless lives ahead of you, while you adorn your life with the truth of your own service."

Perfect for psychologists, Therapists, Counsellors and addiction rehabilitation centres, as well as holistic medical professionals, childwork specialists and individuals who are passionate about creating lasting change in their therapy industry.

13 week Life Blueprint

practitioner Training

next intake: jan 2022

(registration closes 25 july 2021)

Within each revolutionary movement, the time comes to expand its reach and pass the torch onto those who will hold the flame with integrity, passion and unbridled motivation to carry it on through the world, in order to warm others to the truth of their lives, and the world at large.

That time has come for Life Blueprint Transformation Therapy.


For the last 11 years, I’ve worked with thousands of brave individuals who have transformed their lives and realities in order to serve themselves and their world in way that is truly their own, untouched by external expectation, limitations or societal standards.

These people have yearned for the kind of freedom that comes from living without their old patterns, behaviours, blocks and outdated constructs they lived with for most of their lives.

Some came from chronic illness, debilitating symptoms, deep lack of self-worth, others with chronic self-sabotage, depression, or a sense of ‘lost’ and monotony in which they lost their life force and direction of what it truly means to be a thriving human being on Earth.

In other words - you name it, Life Blueprint Therapy transforms it.

It brings the self, back to its self – with pure process, intention and deep work.


There is something intrinsically special and unwavering about Blueprint Therapy, as many of these individuals had tried any and all kinds of therapies, practices, processes and end-all-be-all coaches to transform their lives, with no lasting effect. Until they entered the Life Blueprint Transformation Therapy.

It is the all-encompassing deep work, the real work, which allows Blueprint its unwavering success.

It takes a deeply strong, directed and empathetic individual to facilitate and offer the deep work of Blueprint Transformation, and if these traits are present within the individual, after doing their own deep work within, then the processes, approaches and life changing foundational work can be taught and instilled.


The Revolutionary Course is a 13 week deeply integrative Practitioner Training Course with me personally as your mentor.

As the founder of Blueprint Therapy, I believe learning directly with me is the only key to embodying your future as a Blueprint Therapist for many years to come.

People During Workshop

After completing your full training and receiving your fully accredited certification from Blueprint Therapy Institute, your world will no longer be as it was before – as you will be holding the keys to deep and rapid transformation as A BLUEPRINT THERAPY PRACTITIONER.  

Through firstly completing your personal 4 Week Blueprint Course in deep inner work and then moving through the facilitation modules with me personally, as well as moving on to offer your facilitation to case studies within the course duration, your life and work will be directed only in the way you truly choose.

Your career as a Blueprint Therapist allows you to work from anywhere in the world, if you wish to remain remote. It also allows you to work from home or within an office space you choose, if you decide remote is not for your practice.


The world welcomes you into its arms, as a standing channel for the transformation of countless lives ahead of you, while you adorn your life with the truth of your own service.


The next 13 Week Facilitator Training begins in December/January 2022, and registration is only open to 6 special individuals per course.

Trust yourself, your calling and your yearning – if this is for you, connect with me and apply now.


All my love,

Isabelle Meiring;

Transpersonal Therapist and Founder of Life Blueprint Therapy



International (Outside RSA) :

Full 13 week Facilitator Course: 1229 USD


RSA (South Africa Only) :

Full 13 week Facilitator Course: 12,200 ZAR

Or 3 x 4500 ZAR

(Payment options on request)


"Blueprint Therapy is the future of training holistic professionals to make rapid changes in the health and psychology industries."