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“After decades of confusion, pain, feeling completely alone, one single audio transmission had cracked my tiny little world right open. The transmission was a huge catalyst for change within me, Isabelle gave me those tools to make big and lasting changes within myself and my life. Once your consciousness is open to this, nothing is impossible…”

- Sandra, 2020

”I can honestly say Isabelle’s transmissions are truly life changing. They are graciously and potently layered to gently access parts of you that even you may not know are there. You'll be taken on a journey to yourself, back home to your soul’s true potential. You need do nothing except listen and receive the deep truths that begin to activate your knowing within you that become great acts of change in your life.”

- Barbara, 2018

Get your Divine Life Blueprint Audio in 24 hours directly from Isabelle:

(Usual) $249
NOW $97

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for the next 2 hours and 43 minutes you receive a free copy of Freedom on Fire with your transmission!


Standing in complete sovereignty of your reality has never been as important as it is now. The world is changing – and you are being called to step out of the fear and limitation NOW.

>> If you knew the root of your deep limitations - would you jump at knowing the truth and finding a clear way forward?

>> If you had the chance to be given the keys to undo your self-sabotage, stress responses, relationship patterns, lack mentality, health issues and more… would you ALLOW yourself to RECEIVE that key?

Then you are being CALLED to receive your Individual Life Blueprint Transmission.

Something I used to make available only to those who have undergone sessions with me,

I'm now making available for those who are ready to acknowledge in full awareness what is affecting them on every level, and how to shift in order to move forward.


  • Pinpointing your accumulated dense blocks & subconscious creation

  • Breaking behavioral patterns

  • Reconnecting to your essential self

  • Reigniting your deep purpose

  • Ending old Thought and action patterns

  • Tracking old Lack in finance and nourishment systems

  • Infusing deeply compassionate Relational patterns

  • Uprooting Physical Ailments and imbalances

  • Abolishing Stuck-ness and self sabotage

  • Identifying and clearing Generational influences

And so much more.

This is your depth Audio Transmission which I elaborate on in detail what is being carried within your body, your subconscious and how it is creating your reality. I spend time tapping into your biofield and your current state in order to scan for the most long-standing and deeply imbedded old systems and beliefs that are active in your body, and have been since childhood and long after.

• If you had the reboot button - would you want to know about it?

This is one of the first things I do with each of the thousands of brave clients who have gloriously changed their lives and realities for good.

• Now I am making it available to you to receive once off - so that you can take the chance in releasing the effects that are hindering your way forward into the miracle life, the authentic life, the nourishing life you deserve.

Your Life Blueprint Audio Transmission will be a full 20 minute Mp3 Audio recording directly sent to you via email. It is your own, personal audio, not to be applied to another sentient human other than YOU.

The rest is in your hands.

I trust your power, your will and

your sovereignty.

The same way I know and trust every single one of my students and clients that DECIDE there is more to live and embody on this Earth than they have been led to believe.

Saying YES is easy,


RECEIVING what you have longed for.

RECIVEING your birthrights.

RECEIVING the clear pathway back to YOURSELF.

As always – there is Limited space, as I have a full client schedule daily. You can also be placed on the weekly or monthly waiting list upon your order.

(The usual value of your full individual Audio Transmission is $249.)

It's available to you now at $97