Welcome to your gateway, Beloved

I can't wait to walk alongside you into your FREEDOM. 

you deserve to create your life.
You are innately designed for freedom.

Join thousands of brave humans who have changed their realities.

If you’re here, you are ready to experience life as the divinely juicy, joyous, sovereign and free human that you are.

You are here because you are tired of being sick and tired, of not fully embodying your expansive existence the way you know is possible.
You’re done with being stressed and drained.

You're done with confusion.
You’re done with lack.
You’re done with pressure.
You’re done with mediocre.
You’re done with the bullshit.


 You are right – there is so much more ...

The greatest truth is – the best is yet to come!

I know the thought is exciting and frightening all at the same time...

Have no fear because Isabelle is here! My passion and my mission is to ensure that YOUR very experience as the wondrous human vessel that you are, is a true source of connection, healing, and profound fulfilment for YOU.

I’m here to guide you through the full spectrum of the healing process with Life Blueprint, and create your life from a sublimely aligned and massively expansive authentic YOU.

I cannot wait to show you how this can become your experience, too – as it has for countless other brave men and women who said YES to their innate CAPABILITIES beyond comprehension.

A little bit about me:

I am a leading Consciousness catalyst, Transpersonal Therapist and Author, walking my clients through old paradigms of suffering and lack, fear and dis-ease, self loathing to self liberation - towards the gateway of true sovereignty and lasting freedom. (Read more of my story HERE and join me on Facebook)

During my 12-year career, I’ve run a wellness center in Port Elizabeth and the Wild Coast of South Africa, coached brilliant women and men from around the world on sacred empowerment and life sovereignty, wrote three books on clearing and rebuilding the body and subconscious mind, lead retreats, taught countless online courses, taught movement and yoga, practiced reiki, and led initiation ceremonies. Phew! Yes, I’ve been a busy woman.

All that experience has led me here: to a place where I can provide exceptional value and service to you on your journey home to your deeply nourishing life!

In my work with each client, I now use a series of powerful alchemical essences and vibrational remedies created by the much loved, renowned and wondrous Dr Adam Suzman, a natural homeopathic doctor and alchemist. 

These remedies assist each of my clients in each phase of the journey we move through.




Went from teaching Yoga and nutrition at a small wellness centre, struggling with chronic allergies and pain due to fibromyalgia,

to becoming her own boss and opening her own Yoga School in the UK, after clearing years of debri within her body, she is pain free and healthier and wealthier than ever.


I am here to teach you SOVEREIGNTY over your life here on Earth, on all levels, in order to return to harmony with our Earth, as your most innate SELF.

  • Sovereignty from your subconscious patterns that have run your daily experiences.

  • Sovereignty from your cultural conditioning and wounding.

  • Sovereignty from lack and poverty consciousness.

  • Sovereignty from self-sabotage and self-limitation.

  • Sovereignty from Illness and physical imbalance.

  • Sovereignty from depression and mental imbalance.

  • Sovereignty from Separation consciousness.

  • Sovereignty from Authority.

How does this happen?

By moving through the deeply and divinely designed stages of UN-becoming with the therapy formulas of the Life Blueprint Process I guide you through.

It has taken 12 years of teaching the same TRUTHS and working with THOUSANDS of clients around the globe, watching them walk into total freedom as far as they wish, in order for me to stand here with the clear and precise pathway to walk alongside you.

Let's get on a call, beloved. 

We'll discuss how I can best serve you, and create the flourishing life you innately deserve. 

We'll chat about where you are at, how I can walk you through to where you belong, and experience this joyous thing called life in the most wondrous and true way - FOR YOU, for Earth, everlasting...

I’ll help you map out your pathway from disconnection with your embodiment, influential factors, subconscious programming and your quantum blocks, to deeply liberating connections, and having the most nourishing and purposeful experience of your life.

I’d love to know more about your journey, your vision, and your dreams of what’s available for you.

I only have limited spaces available for calls. The women and men I select to talk to are the ones I believe I can help reach their true highest embodied life.

The remedies are my helping hands and powerhouses to assist us to rapidly work through the mud, to get to a place where we can begin to create your thriving life. The remedies are included in your work with me. 

The remedies set the standard for a new realm of human optimization and consciousness raising tools. An ancient combination of alchemical remedies resurrected and amplified with recently discovered modern technology, bringing new life to a powerful and deep acting yet gentle awakening tool.

The remedies walk the talk in their ability to support individuals in the activation of the mind, body and soul through purification of karmic imprints and stagnant emotional debris.  Becoming free of these energetic drains gives one back ones power so we can all be who we were meant to be from the start, liberated and free.