THERE ARE NO LIMITS or rules to your story.

Welcome to the official life blueprint author program.

the world needs your story.

You are designed to heal and live to write the tale.

Join many brave humans who have transformed their narrative and found their voice.

Whether you are wanting to write a book, memoir, a poem, change careers, simply get creativity back, lift a block or just feel ready to finally and permanently release the old story within your quivering bones - people, places, feelings, wounds and wonders...


We are going to leave no page unturned,

No feeling or story unheard or unwritten,

And aim at these 10 weeks marking a clear BEFORE and AFTER in your beautiful life here on Earth.

Conscious, raw writing is the medicine we forgot we had access to;
It is the antidote to suppression,
the remedy to stagnation,
the sword against fear,
the tool for deep release,
the path to healing,
the gift to yourself and the world,
as well as the journey back to your core.


I've written books upon books - two poetry compilations, short story compilations, one full length 325 page bible for the soul, and I'm working on another full length one - 'Truth Junkie' - to be launched in 2021. (Find them all here)

Words have never failed me. (I don't see where the opposing adage comes from.)
Writing has been as involuntarily and as primal as breathing for me… and reading a good piece of writing? It's the soothing balm for my spirit.

Yet - writing is not my career nor my title.
It is the backbone of my life, it is the meat of my soul, the gift to myself, the constant release and pulling myself into the dance of life continuously.

I am a Transpersonal Therapist by title - where all my passions entwine into facilitating transformations.

  • 10 sessions

  • 10 weeks

  • Full Life Blueprint Transformation Processing

  • Full systematic outline of memoir

  • Step by Step Guidance through completion

  • Endless possibility

  • Endless returns


"A woman with a no bullshit approach and an avid believer in the true limitlessness of human consciousness, she is an expert in redefining the subconscious blocks of every client. Isabelle is an internationally applied Therapist, Philanthropist, Coach, Facilitator and Author of 4 books in the fields of psycho-emotional wellness and healing, Isabelle has for the past 10 years, run her own practice working intricately and deeply with people from all walks of life, each affected by a tapestry of various mental blockages, behavioural patterns, childhood traumas, limiting thought patterns and more.

With her intensive strategy, she addresses and guides clients through their limitations into a powerful process of reprogramming the subconscious. Her precise and compassionate technique catalyzes the causes of depression, anxiety, stagnation in main areas of life; including career, relational, personal development and creative, uncovering Epigenetic influences a great deal of the time, in order to create a wildly successful, loving and fulfilling life for each client.

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Man with Book

Here's some of what to expect:

Through marrying these passions with deep transformational processes,

  • Integration and healing

  • Sharing of stories

  • guided meditation processes

  • releasing cellular memories

  • cutting cords with the past

  • endless and powerful writing processes

  • Guided techniques and exercises for release

  • Shifting of self worth

  • Finding the voice

  • Marrying expression

  • Offering yourself in full embodiment

  • Loads of belly laughter

  • Mischievous stories

  • Ugly crying

  • Ditching fear of vulnerability

  • Divorcing insecurity

  • Seeing yourself through the eyes of love

  • Meeting yourself where you have been, where you are and where you would like to go...

These possibilities are in your hands, your willingness and your ability to believe in your own power to heal. Point blank.

There is no limit to what we will work with, yet you choose how ready you are to accept the complete shift we'll be harnessing within you. 



How does it work?

(In a nutshell)

Blueprint Therapy is the process we use to pinpoint your most primary subconscious blocks. We dive deep into the body to define and uncover what has been running the behaviors, thoughts and patterns in your body and life, one by one.

This is no shortcut - yet we work at such a rapid pace, as we begin from the root upwards.

We begin to replace your old blocks with a life-giving, fulfilling blueprint, in alignment with who you truly are, in your capability – replacing bitterness, resentment or imbalance with restoring your body and mind to its most optimal functioning.

The best part: You work one on one with me, from anywhere in the world.


Yes – it’s all possible.

Here are what some brave humans have had to say:





I've had it on my heart to thank you for the sessions we've covered so far.

I woke up yesterday morning and realized that my business has completely turned around because of my new approach to it.

I see the changes in my children as I am acting out of my 'Core Self' (as you say), instead of from my old outdated beliefs and wounds.

I had no idea how much pain I had been carrying and how far away from my real SELF I was living.


Your technique, along with your gentle and motivating approach is truly one-of-a-kind and I cannot thank you enough for offering this to everyone out there. It has given me great purpose and peace within myself and only becomes easier by the day with anything that comes my way.

You've given me the chance to give myself back to MYSELF.


Thank you!"


Brent McIntyre


*Life Transformation Technique

"I would not only recommend Isabelle, I would implore you to rush to book an appointment with her,

I would tell you that her work is literally life changing,

I would tell you she is born to delve into your soul and spring clean it,

to dissolve past patterns and liberate your being,

I would say too, that after an hour session I can clearly speak my truth, my blockages have evaporated into the ether they are no more. Even my communication with my husband has never been better.

I am not saying that it will take one session to resolve our long ingrained patterns, as over time, we dump on our dumping so the clutter of our minds has to be systematically spring cleaned,

so now I have a mind mop, a darling who's feather dusting has so tickled my fancy, I will never be able to not have her in my toolbox of tricks for self liberation.

Do I recommend Isabelle's work, yes I'll shout about it from the rooftops!"

- Lynn, 2020

"I came to you not knowing what to expect, but once you started talking, I could hardly believe what I was hearing!

It was like you put all the pieces of my life together chapter for chapter, in front of my own eyes.

(The Sessions) healed my relationship with my parents, even my children. Now I send all three of my daughters to you! This is just miraculous. Thank you."


Lisa De Wet


Melissa's audio testimonial.

Melissa Geyer Grobler


"I was at a point where I couldn’t recognize my life anymore. I was successful in all the right ways, yet I was empty.
I found Isabelle and immediately began my Blueprint Therapy process with her. My mind was blown when we found all my subconscious patterns and blocks that I had been living with all my life. That’s the first step.
Once I realized these, she gave me the power to see that I don’t have to subscribe to my old story anymore. We worked through so much in each session, leaving no stone un-turned, and began to reprogram my mind.
I got to create my new patterns and it changed everything. I left the business I had, and started a new project which is thriving in ways I never thought I could.
My family, my children all have a deep connection to me far beyond the daily dull grind I was used to.

I am truly a person I am now proud of, with a thirst to give myself the life I know I am meant for and worthy of. Blueprint therapy changed my life. Literally.
My name is Ant (Anthony) – father of two, husband, business owner.
Please get yourself into Blueprint Therapy. Don’t wait another second. Don't. Just do it. You never know how worthy you are until you are truly living it."

Anthony Loubser


"When I started sessions with you, I thought my life was at it's end. I had lost all hope, I was lost, period.

Then after our very first session, my life started to change dramatically. I was not the person I thought I was for all these years. You showed me how to live again.

I hope the world looks after you, Isabelle, because you are truly a gift to all of us."


David Stevenson


"My life was stagnant. I had a life-long food addiction and deep seated self worth issues, which affected not only my health and mind, but my family and everyone around me.

I cannot thank Blueprint enough. I wish I had done this years ago!


Beatrice Hall


There are no words to describe the gratitude and appreciation I have for this beautiful woman called Isabelle.


Along the spiritual journey one meets many mirrors and teachers, and she has been a teacher, mentor and friend that has guided and advised me when I was struggling,

 and because of her fulfilling her purpose, she has helped me fulfill mine.


Isabelle you are truly gifted and I thank you for always giving and going the extra mile for me.


An amazing coach, guide, healer and soul to say the least!


Riana Arendse




When does the next course start?

The weekly schedule fills quite rapidly. It's best to book immediately before the schedule is filled, otherwise you can be placed on the waiting list.   (You choose your session times). You commit to 1 session per week, over the 10 weeks.

How much is the course?

 $990 for the full 10 weeks!

Single sessions rates (60min) : $120

Can i do it anywhere in the world? What about time zone differences?

You can do it ANYWHERE! We schedule your 10 sessions with me personally to suit your schedule, so no worries.

I'm IN! HOw do I book my spot??

You can email or whatsapp me directly

OR you can fill your booking form in HERE.

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